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I’ve added a twitter feed to my site on the right column there… and hopefully my flash status thing at the top of the page will start working again.

COLTS WIN!! Comfortably to boot, it was a double blessing. I’m thinking of inviting people over for next weeks game against the Lions, hit me up if you have interest.

I’m in the process of deciding whether to move to SmugMug from PicasaWeb. PicasaWeb has been great and no matter what I’ll continue using Picasa on my computer and most likely continue with their free storage but for the money I spend I want more. I have 25+gb of photos/videos, it’s about 20,000 files in 500ish folders. The flat structure of PicasaWeb does not handle it well (and I could only house about 50-60% of my items there). I started using SmugMug a few days ago to just check it out, I kind of got into it and was doing a lot of customizations as well as uploading a bunch of photos. That’s when I found that I was missing some original photos I had taken and/or scanned over the years. This is exactly the kind of problem only being able to house a portion of your pictures online can cause, luckily some of the pictures I had online but they were reduced quality because of space limitations. SmugMug has no space limitation, so another point for them there. I’ll be making the final decision sometime this week, but if you’ve read this far you have probably picked up my inclination so far. My PicasaWeb link is on the right (I’ve stripped it down to be under the 1gb free limit) and contact me if you want my SmugMug link… in case you want to give input, which I welcome.

How about some Haffey’s Links??? It’s been quite sometime since I’ve dumped some of these on you, so let me crack open Ye Olde Dusty Google Notebook to share some gems with you:

And we’ll close up shop today with this disturbing video of a Senior Citizen Church Choir singing some of today’s most popular… RAP tracks.

Fun packed weekend

We took Carson to the Children’s Museum to see the Haunted House and visit the new robots exhibit… we had a great time.

Football updates:
Nebraska… *deep heavy sigh* They had the game in their hands and they let it slip away.
The Indy Colts did pretty much the opposite, they were locked down in the 1rst quarter but came back strong to defeat Carolina.

Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital

There was a press release today from Jenni’s work… Carson and I were invited to come and help out. Carson got to stand at the head of the line (with his back to the TV cameras) and give Peyton (and the other big wigs) high fives on their way to the stage and then got front row seats to the news release. I took some pictures, I’m hoping Dr. Ronda and her husband Bruce got some good ones that I can put in my album as well.

And since I’ve already been asked, I figure I better note it here before more people wonder… Nothing is wrong with Carson, he’s perfectly healthy. They had kids in the hospital and kids of employees there to greet Peyton.

Note to self: Van repair: $0 – Broken resistor on blower motor – 36,134m (original purchase date 4/26/07)

When French people swear, do they say, "Pardon my English"?

This day in history

1889: Flag Day in the US

In the United States, Flag Day (more formally, National Flag Day) is celebrated on June 14. It commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States, which happened that day by resolution of the Second Continental Congress in 1777.

In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson issued a proclamation that officially established June 14 as Flag Day; in August 1949, National Flag Day was established by an Act of Congress.

Flag Day is not an official federal holiday, though on June 14, 1937 Pennsylvania became the first (and only) U.S. state to celebrate Flag Day as a state holiday.

Funny and Scary:

Haffey came up big this past week with an OUTSTANDING link to a couple very useful sites:

  • Windows XP Post SP2 Update Pack, which let’s you update your media with the latest updates to save time after building machine by not having to patch them. It also has some other add-on tools that are pretty cool.
  • The other site is tlbox, which is a great repository of various tools (in our link we have focused on System Admins, but there are others to choose from) that you can integrate into Firefox. Kudos to you, sir, for the awesome links.

I have some friends that are really into Guitar Hero, so the next two links are all about them. If you are into GH, you are welcome to enjoy them as well.

Apple iPhone… June 29th… 6pm… local time.

The Colts received their SuperBowl Champion rings last night.

Blast from the past:

I really wanna go see if there are some episodes of this I can get, I used to watch it all the time. heh

Big news

Big news today, but let’s get the regular stuff out of the way first.

This day in history
1984: NFL’s Colts franchise moves to Indianapolis
Read all about the Colts here and here.

Here’s a story update somewhat related to the Colts; Bears fan name change to Peyton Manning denied.
While we’re on the football string, it looks like the Nebraska Huskers are having some running back issues. I hope they get them sorted out and can come out and have a good season.

Tech News update: Apple’s Bootcamp 1.2 supports Windows Vista

This past weekend Carson went to our Neighborhood Easter Egg hunt… he had a really good time.

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

Ok ok, I’ve strung you all along for long enough. Our family is about to grow by another member! Jenni had an ultrasound done and everything is looking great; we are about 10 weeks along. This means an October due date.
Here are the ultrasound pics:

New Baby

A Lego couch? NO WAY!

If I was still single I would definitely have one of these bad mammajammas. I mean come on, that is too cool.

UPS has read my mind. Their newest feature of their service is the smartest thing they could’ve done. Read all about it.

Haffey time; Sick of meetings, coworkers, office politics? Do yourself in, hurry though you only have 5 minutes. Animated violence and bloodshed, as well as inane office environment which is torture by itself.
He also sent this link, about people who have been banned from being on SNL. It was very interesting to read.

Speaking of SNL… did you see Peyton Manning’s United Way fake commercial? Hilarious, have a look.

What happens if you are in a car going the speed of light and you turn your headlights on?

SI has a really cool photo album with record breaking moments in sports.

Google has made their own sidebar, which from the screenshots looks similar to the one included in Vista. Neat stuff really.

This day in history
Johannes Kepler Discovers Third Law of Planetary Motion (1618)
Johannes Kepler was a German mathematician who derived the three laws of planetary motion. His observations influenced Isaac Newton’s later discovery of the laws of motion and universal gravitation.

Bargain alert: Altrec is having a nice sale on winter wear/winter sports equipment.

I created a orkut profile and invited a couple people to be my friends… but looking at my list of email contacts maybe I just put it on here and those interested can contact me about an invite.
From the site: is a new social networking service named for the Google engineer who developed it, Orkut Buyukkokten. (Orkut is easier to spell and pronounce than Buyukkokten.) It was created as an independent project to help people around the world connect.

Anyway, let me know if you are interested in joining up. It’s like MySpace but less cluttered and less crazy unreadable profiles.

Fridays are my favorites

I mean, besides the weekend days of course. I think I’ve probably post that before, but it’s worth mentioning a second time (or third, etc).

Let’s get this Friday started..
Friday Funnies
I enjoy the quirkiness of Non Sequitur… and yesterday’s comic was hilarious.

Bargain Alerts:

Peyton Manning celebrates his birthday as the host of SNL!
I haven’t watched a live airing of SNL in ages, this one I will be watching.
I watched the IU vs. Northwestern game the other day… that was more thrilling than it needed to be. It was cool to see Wilmont break the IU 3 point record in a game though.

Haffey sent me a nice link on how to optimize your computer, whether you are running Vista or XP. Check it out. Thanks Haffey.

Number sixty one…

So yea, creative juices not flowing in the title department… sorry.

Anyway, on with the stuffs! So, the Borat movie (which I haven’t seen) did something interesting with their DVD release and because of the humor involved here I might actually make the effort to watch it. In general though, I find that type of humor a bit outside of my tastes… we’ll see, maybe I’ll do a movie review on here.

Are you a Network Admin? Aspire to go into that field? Want to be as terrible as possible? Here are some great tips. I laughed quite a bit at this, thanks Haffey for the link.
Ever heard of You know those motivational posters in a lot of offices? Well this place makes the evil equivalent of that… and they are hilarious.

Another Haffey link!! Large denominations of US money… cool stuff and potential useless trivia tidbit.

Holy crap! I just spilled an entire picture of iced tea into my laptop! Let the healing begin.

Football story time! Here’s the 2007 NFL Mock Draft, by Scouts, Inc. Story about the NFL Combine and it’s future in Indy.. little tidbits about the new stadium too.

Alright, I found a great list of spoilers.. from movies to tv to historical events. It is very funny.. and dang you Haffey for providing it too. GET BACK TO WORK!

I leave you with Rainn Wilson’s (Dwight) monologue from SNL… it was really good.

Humpday almost snuck by…

but I decided I’ve been neglecting the tips and tricks for too many weeks in a row. So without further delay:
This tip is especially good for us as well as MJ and the soon-to-be-missus… OMG PAINTING TIPS!!! I hope it’s not to late to be helpful. Make sure to check out the related wiki’s as there were several great ones.

Insane finish at the Daytona 500.. Clint Bowyer crosses the finish line upside down. From SIPhotos.
It was a crazy race all around… I don’t have enough patience/willpower to sit through a whole race but thank goodness for SportsCenter, I love me some highlights. Speaking of SportsCenter they recently celebrated their 30,000th episode. Crazy business for sure… go here for their awesome commercials.

Slight switch in gears to some football talk.. Nebraska seems to have a decent recruiting class coming. If Callahan can keep the momentum he has moving forward I think they really have a chance of returning to the top 10 end of the polls for a good stretch again.
And in the NFL, the combine is geared up to roll. Should be an interesting draft given the small free agent pool this season. Ohh! I plan to go and see the SuperBowl trophy on Friday, hopefully I’ll remember my camera so I can get a photo. I also need to take my camera by the Colts practice facility to get a picture of the awesome banner they have up. Ok.. I sleep now… you read in the morning.