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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Go find a and have some green beer with him and his pot of gold (maybe you can get him to buy… I mean, he does have a pot of gold).

Speaking of Green Beer….
How could I have a blog entry about it without a link on How To make it.

Or a link and some snippet from WikiPedia:

Saint Patrick’s Day (Irish: Lá ’le Pádraig or Lá Fhéile Pádraig), colloquially St. Paddy’s Day or Paddy’s Day, is an annual feast day which celebrates Saint Patrick (circa 385–461), one of the patron saints of Ireland.

Saturday we took Carson to his swimming class and I brought the camera along:

And then Sunday we all visited the Easter Bunny!
Not doing this one in a slide show, you gotta click it to see it…

Easter Bunny

Number one hundred forty…

Greetings… with training last week and the arrival of our baby quickly approaching I haven’t had a ton of blog time. So let me take advantage of this five minute lull to dump some stuff out here.

Hey, I know it’s been awhile but never fear I have a good one today… especially for you home owners out there. How to burglarproof your doors. I know I am going to be doing a couple of the suggested things in there, I had been thinking of a moat and drawbridge but maybe just some improvements to the doors would be a cheaper route.

Finally we close with a story about health… Eye doctors warn that prolonged computer use can have ill effects, SO STOP READING THIS BEFORE YOU GO BLIND!

How do you know when it’s time to tune your bagpipes?

Hello good people… I’ve got some links and things to share today and of course the Wednesday feature:
How to Sleep Better, some really great tips and information about getting better quality sleep. Also, they changed around the How-To site I’ve been using it looks a lot nicer now.

Bargain Alert!! Here is a great deal on some Lego Sets.

Remember that fun with electricity link up there?? Well, here is some more fun

I watched Hot Fuzz the other day, so I’m going to try and write up a good review of it before the end of the week. Be safe and see you tomorrow.

Short weeks are good..

I like when Wednesdays feel like Tuesdays.. that means that on “Friday” I won’t have to come into work.


Couple neato tech things:

Alright, on to our Wednesday feature..
Hot on the heels of the May 9 update on how to sleep on a hot night, How to stop brain freeze! It is the season for cold treats, so take the time to read this over and avoid the dreaded BRAIN FREEZE!

I have been using for sometime to record my family tree.. it’s a great site with a ton of really nice tools/features.
Here is there latest feature add-ons:

If you are into genealogy and might be thinking about putting your info into a system to help organize it.. I encourage you to try out and let me know so we can be family friends. Oh, one last note from the genealogy end… someone that posts at the site wrote a good guide on how to use social networking sites to find relatives.

How about a quick movie review? Alright, we took Carson to go see Shrek the Third. It was really good, the whole family enjoyed it. They did very well at moving the story along from the first two movies using enough of the old schtick and characters from the previous flicks, while introducing a good amount of new material too keep it fresh. I often see movies in the theater and think that I would’ve been better off waiting to rent it for home viewing. Shrek the Third did not fall into that category. I will also be buying a copy to watch a few more times at home.

Finally a couple of vids:
John Stewart exposes the “Under Investigation” saying.
And PTI on ESPN features internet-style video clips… lol

May day, Cinco de Mayo, etc

It’s May already… I’m severely behind on photos, so I vow to take some this weekend as we have some photo worthy things in hand as well as a wedding to attend this weekend. Long time family friend, Martin, will be tying the knot with his lovely bride-to-be, Karyn… more on this story as it develops. 😉

Make haste to the funneh…
Microsoft counters Apple’s iPhone with… the oPhone. Watch the video, it’s worth it.
Who’s the best shipper? DHL wins the package race.
Thieves beware! Do not steal from Wal-mart in Attala, Alabama… or a judge will make you look like the idiot you are.
Johnny Five is still alive… in legos.
Do not fly with these people.
Coolest monitor configs I’ve seen… the one guy takes his flight sims a little too serious. ha
Various pictures of beautiful and/or interesting churches… make sure to read the comments there are few bonus links in there.

This week’s tip is one you’ll want to bookmark.. How to sleep comfortably on a hot night.

Conan O’Brien visits LucasFilms and ILM studios… Great Videos, a must watch.

This video is for anyone with more money than space to add-on to their garage…

If you get one, invite me over so I can watch it work in person… because it looks cool as heck just on video.

“I get to go to lots of overseas places, like Canada.” —Britney Spears

Howdy folks! It’s been a crazy week and we’re only halfway done. Started off in shorts and 78 degrees with sun to spare and today it’s cloudy, 31 degrees and it’s starting to snow a little. Ahh, global warming.

Need a new pickup line? Want to entertain at your kids’ next birthday party? This week learn how rip a phone book in half.

RIAA Lawsuit Decision making process chart!
Seagate, fighting terrorism one hard drive at a time.
VGA and DVI are dead, long live DisplayPort 1.1
To everyone that argued with me about the DST change being a scam.. I just have one thing to say to you; HAHAHAHAHA… I WAS RIGHT!
Haffey sends funny stuff all the time, but this one was so good that one of the quotes made my title today. Celebrity Quotes
Oh my… Top 10 beer myths, grab a frosty mug and learn something about brews.

The 80s called… they want to know why their commercials were WAY better than todays. Also play some retro Nintendo games online.

Bargain alert: Dell Laptop on the cheap

April Fools day updates: Some jokes I saw that were pretty funny.
Woot BOC for One Meeeeelion dollars
Google announces the TiSP (Toilet Internet Service)
Dilbert Blog asks people to post about their favorite April Fools Pranks

Another Die Hard movie? Yea, I was thinking the same thing until I watched the trailer:

The more you know…

hehe.. cheesy title for tips -n- tricks day.
This should be a very good entry though.

Have a password? Of course you do, who doesn’t these days. Here is an extremely important read for you, go ahead and click through to read the linked blog in the story too. Be safe with your information.

Vista is not doing to shabby. I’ve been using it on my main desktop at work since the enterprise edition launched and I have to say that I’ve been overall really pleased with it.
This link is for Jenni, spiffy new medical tablet PC. If you work in health care, I’m sure you’d kill (figuratively) to get one of those.
Do you fly often? Use text messaging on your mobile phone too? Here is some great info for you to help keep track of your flights, etc.
Speaking of Google, there is an exciting rumor spinning about GDrive… JotSpot = new GDrive? I would love to have all my Google services wrapped in one beautiful little container so I’m extremely excited to see this kind of news, even if it is just a rumor.

Bargain alert: toy clearance sale!

Oops, almost forgot an additional Haffey Link… Who loves the Kwik-E Mart? News of the weird kind, indeed.

I hope to have some big news tomorrow and some photos to boot.

Can a man drown in the fountain of eternal life?

Wednesday is upon us… halfway to the weekend, well at noon anyway.

We’re going to my friend James’ wedding this weekend in French Lick, Indiana then driving to Edinburgh to stay the night and go to the outlet mall there on Sunday. Kind of a mini-vacation, we’ve been working on the house nearly every weekend so this will be a good break.

I’m seeing weather reports that are saying that Spring is on the way and that warmer weather is coming soon. In the meantime (was 5 here yesterday with windchill), here’s some helpful information on saving someone that has fallen through some ice.

Speaking of weather, check out some cool improvements to

Bargain alert: $100 for a 400gb Hard drive

I want to see this movie:

Number sixty one…

So yea, creative juices not flowing in the title department… sorry.

Anyway, on with the stuffs! So, the Borat movie (which I haven’t seen) did something interesting with their DVD release and because of the humor involved here I might actually make the effort to watch it. In general though, I find that type of humor a bit outside of my tastes… we’ll see, maybe I’ll do a movie review on here.

Are you a Network Admin? Aspire to go into that field? Want to be as terrible as possible? Here are some great tips. I laughed quite a bit at this, thanks Haffey for the link.
Ever heard of You know those motivational posters in a lot of offices? Well this place makes the evil equivalent of that… and they are hilarious.

Another Haffey link!! Large denominations of US money… cool stuff and potential useless trivia tidbit.

Holy crap! I just spilled an entire picture of iced tea into my laptop! Let the healing begin.

Football story time! Here’s the 2007 NFL Mock Draft, by Scouts, Inc. Story about the NFL Combine and it’s future in Indy.. little tidbits about the new stadium too.

Alright, I found a great list of spoilers.. from movies to tv to historical events. It is very funny.. and dang you Haffey for providing it too. GET BACK TO WORK!

I leave you with Rainn Wilson’s (Dwight) monologue from SNL… it was really good.

Humpday almost snuck by…

but I decided I’ve been neglecting the tips and tricks for too many weeks in a row. So without further delay:
This tip is especially good for us as well as MJ and the soon-to-be-missus… OMG PAINTING TIPS!!! I hope it’s not to late to be helpful. Make sure to check out the related wiki’s as there were several great ones.

Insane finish at the Daytona 500.. Clint Bowyer crosses the finish line upside down. From SIPhotos.
It was a crazy race all around… I don’t have enough patience/willpower to sit through a whole race but thank goodness for SportsCenter, I love me some highlights. Speaking of SportsCenter they recently celebrated their 30,000th episode. Crazy business for sure… go here for their awesome commercials.

Slight switch in gears to some football talk.. Nebraska seems to have a decent recruiting class coming. If Callahan can keep the momentum he has moving forward I think they really have a chance of returning to the top 10 end of the polls for a good stretch again.
And in the NFL, the combine is geared up to roll. Should be an interesting draft given the small free agent pool this season. Ohh! I plan to go and see the SuperBowl trophy on Friday, hopefully I’ll remember my camera so I can get a photo. I also need to take my camera by the Colts practice facility to get a picture of the awesome banner they have up. Ok.. I sleep now… you read in the morning.