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My First foursquare Year!

One year ago today I earned my Newbie Badge in Foursquare. It’s been an interesting year all around and I’m glad I have been using Foursquare so I can look back and say “Alright, I did get off my butt and do SOMETHING!”

I want to thank AboutFoursquare for making an awesome infographic that inspired me to think about making one of my own. They were even awesome enough to break down how they did it. Mine is a little rougher around the edges but I’m pretty pleased with the result.

I was happy to see three of my favorite local businesses that I mention on Twitter show up in my most frequented list. Scotty’s Brewhouse, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, and West Coast Tacos are great venues (one of them is on wheels!) to frequent. I’ll have to get that ‘other’ venue replaced this next year with something local.

Thanks to everyone that has been a part of my life these last 365 days!!

Image in my gallery at different sizes

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

Go find a and have some green beer with him and his pot of gold (maybe you can get him to buy… I mean, he does have a pot of gold).

Speaking of Green Beer….
How could I have a blog entry about it without a link on How To make it.

Or a link and some snippet from WikiPedia:

Saint Patrick’s Day (Irish: Lá ’le Pádraig or Lá Fhéile Pádraig), colloquially St. Paddy’s Day or Paddy’s Day, is an annual feast day which celebrates Saint Patrick (circa 385–461), one of the patron saints of Ireland.

Saturday we took Carson to his swimming class and I brought the camera along:

And then Sunday we all visited the Easter Bunny!
Not doing this one in a slide show, you gotta click it to see it…

Easter Bunny

When French people swear, do they say, "Pardon my English"?

This day in history

1889: Flag Day in the US

In the United States, Flag Day (more formally, National Flag Day) is celebrated on June 14. It commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States, which happened that day by resolution of the Second Continental Congress in 1777.

In 1916, President Woodrow Wilson issued a proclamation that officially established June 14 as Flag Day; in August 1949, National Flag Day was established by an Act of Congress.

Flag Day is not an official federal holiday, though on June 14, 1937 Pennsylvania became the first (and only) U.S. state to celebrate Flag Day as a state holiday.

Funny and Scary:

Haffey came up big this past week with an OUTSTANDING link to a couple very useful sites:

  • Windows XP Post SP2 Update Pack, which let’s you update your media with the latest updates to save time after building machine by not having to patch them. It also has some other add-on tools that are pretty cool.
  • The other site is tlbox, which is a great repository of various tools (in our link we have focused on System Admins, but there are others to choose from) that you can integrate into Firefox. Kudos to you, sir, for the awesome links.

I have some friends that are really into Guitar Hero, so the next two links are all about them. If you are into GH, you are welcome to enjoy them as well.

Apple iPhone… June 29th… 6pm… local time.

The Colts received their SuperBowl Champion rings last night.

Blast from the past:

I really wanna go see if there are some episodes of this I can get, I used to watch it all the time. heh

So long May

Out with May in with June… temperatures bordering on 90 degrees has been sign enough to me that summer was here. Now with Memorial Day over swimming pools everywhere swing open their security gates. We took a dip in our neighborhood pool last night, the water is still a bit chilly for me.

Summer brings us a whole new batch of movies (and the promise of some more to follow in the fall/winter). Here’s a quick list of trailers for the ones I’ll be looking to go see:

Thursday feature time,
This day in history
1911: RMS Titanic launched
RMS Titanic was an Olympic class passenger liner that became infamous for her collision with an iceberg on 14 April 1912 and dramatic sinking on 15 April 1912. Construction of the Titanic, funded by the American J.P. Morgan and his International Mercantile Marine Co., began on 31 March 1909. Titanic No. 401 was launched two years and two months later on 31 May 1911.

The Woot-Off is still cranking folks.

Superman, beware…

They have located some kryptonite… let’s hope it doesn’t fall into the hands of evil.
American Idol update from last week, Sanjaya is finally gone. Finally. A local radio station did a parody song honoring the performer; the song is titled “American Idol’s Sanjaya!”
Been running out of good cursing material lately? Well, Ship of Fools are here to help with some Biblical classics.
Here’s an excellent article called 10 Steps to Cell Phone Security… it cover a lot of very important ground that most people take for granted.
What an AWESOME find this site was, Matt Groening & Friends Appreciation Society. announced some new features today on their blog.. I’m especially excited about the printing feature. If you are into genealogy at all, this site is worth a look.

Lightsaber for $33 in 33 minutes
, I’m sooo making one.

Couple funny pics,
Say what?
Drinking and galloping?
Someone at Disney I hope got in trouble.
Awesome T-Shirt
Something tells me this car took a wrong turn


We’ll close it up with the Thursday normal,

This day in history

New Coke was introduced on April 23, 1985. Production of the original formulation ended that same week.
New Coke was the unofficial name of the sweeter drink introduced in 1985 by The Coca-Cola Company to replace its flagship soda, Coca-Cola or Coke. Properly speaking, it had no separate name of its own, but was simply the new version of Coke, until 1992 when it was renamed Coca-Cola II.

Big news

Big news today, but let’s get the regular stuff out of the way first.

This day in history
1984: NFL’s Colts franchise moves to Indianapolis
Read all about the Colts here and here.

Here’s a story update somewhat related to the Colts; Bears fan name change to Peyton Manning denied.
While we’re on the football string, it looks like the Nebraska Huskers are having some running back issues. I hope they get them sorted out and can come out and have a good season.

Tech News update: Apple’s Bootcamp 1.2 supports Windows Vista

This past weekend Carson went to our Neighborhood Easter Egg hunt… he had a really good time.

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

Ok ok, I’ve strung you all along for long enough. Our family is about to grow by another member! Jenni had an ultrasound done and everything is looking great; we are about 10 weeks along. This means an October due date.
Here are the ultrasound pics:

New Baby

This just in…

I’m back at work…

This day in history
The first working laser patented this day in 1960. Sometime later, Dr. Evil uses this invention in his evil plot.

My old employer tells the RIAA to pay them for wasting the University’s time… HA HA HA. Go UNL!!

Here’s a funny link that Haffey sent me yesterday… funny stuff said in court. In honor of Haffey providing me so much material, I’ve added a new label “Haffey’s Links”… in time I hope to go back through what I’ve already posted and add the label when necessary. This way you can target just the posts with “Links provided by Haffey”(tm).


What a laugh on this one!

The Ides of March

This day in history
The Ides of March

Generally speaking, a term from the ancient Roman calendar. The Ides fell on the 15th day of March, May, July, or October or the 13th day of any other month.[1] Thus the Ides of March was the 15th day of March.

Specifically, the term is best known because Julius Caesar was assassinated on the Ides of March in 44 BC.

Carson and I hung out yesterday and had a good time. We went to two different parks and generally just had a lot of fun in the really nice weather (I wore shorts!). Here’s some pics I snapped.

Spring Break

My new computer should be here today… oh yea, I said OH YEA.

What happens if you are in a car going the speed of light and you turn your headlights on?

SI has a really cool photo album with record breaking moments in sports.

Google has made their own sidebar, which from the screenshots looks similar to the one included in Vista. Neat stuff really.

This day in history
Johannes Kepler Discovers Third Law of Planetary Motion (1618)
Johannes Kepler was a German mathematician who derived the three laws of planetary motion. His observations influenced Isaac Newton’s later discovery of the laws of motion and universal gravitation.

Bargain alert: Altrec is having a nice sale on winter wear/winter sports equipment.

I created a orkut profile and invited a couple people to be my friends… but looking at my list of email contacts maybe I just put it on here and those interested can contact me about an invite.
From the site: is a new social networking service named for the Google engineer who developed it, Orkut Buyukkokten. (Orkut is easier to spell and pronounce than Buyukkokten.) It was created as an independent project to help people around the world connect.

Anyway, let me know if you are interested in joining up. It’s like MySpace but less cluttered and less crazy unreadable profiles.

Have you subscribed?

Noticing how sporadic my updates here are? lol This is where subscribing using the “Subscribe now” section on the right will help you out.. get notified using your preferred method when updates are made.

I think the feature stuff is fun, as it gives me extra motivation to post on the days where I have a specific feature… like Tips and Tricks or Friday Funnies. So I’m going to add one for Thursdays:

This day in history
This should be a fun feature… I will put things things in this feature that happened within the last week that were of historical interest and/or humorous interest. For the first installment we’ll stay on the serious side, but definitely interesting. On this day in 1692, the Salem Witch Trials began. There is a lot of interesting reading at that link, with a ton of external links if you really wanted to dig in to the subject.

On to techie stuff… Real time traffic updates with Google Maps? Very cool.
Adobe is looking at releasing a web version of Photoshop… I’ll be interested to see how they handle the access/licensing but this really is the direction a ton of software and services are going.

Have a CVS in your area? Slickdeals is reporting a deal from them for 30 free digital prints. Awesome.

I try normally not to embed videos on consecutive days but this is an amazing piece of hardware and I’ve watched the video about 4 times myself already.

Late entry: So as a parent, stories about daycare tend to catch my eye… This story on MSNBC is very interesting and a bit worrisome. I think we were very lucky to find such a GREAT daycare when we lived in Nebraska. After moving to Indiana our first daycare experience was horrible but have again been lucky that we were able to move him to the daycare where I work. It’s an amazing daycare available for us to use and it keeps Carson close to me as well. I hope that other parents have all the luck we’ve had and none of the horrible experience.