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My First foursquare Year!

One year ago today I earned my Newbie Badge in Foursquare. It’s been an interesting year all around and I’m glad I have been using Foursquare so I can look back and say “Alright, I did get off my butt and do SOMETHING!”

I want to thank AboutFoursquare for making an awesome infographic that inspired me to think about making one of my own. They were even awesome enough to break down how they did it. Mine is a little rougher around the edges but I’m pretty pleased with the result.

I was happy to see three of my favorite local businesses that I mention on Twitter show up in my most frequented list. Scotty’s Brewhouse, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, and West Coast Tacos are great venues (one of them is on wheels!) to frequent. I’ll have to get that ‘other’ venue replaced this next year with something local.

Thanks to everyone that has been a part of my life these last 365 days!!

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