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Ok friends, it’s been awhile…

I’m going to write 3 blog posts today… this one to catch up from September to the end of October, a second one to cover November (that I’ll publish tomorrow or Thursday), and the third one to get you from November to where we are now. To simplify the updates, I’m going to limit them to one flash slideshow of one album the rest of the albums will all be accessible via thumbnail links after each snippet of text.

It’s been a crazy couple of months with so many little side projects and things going on. The blog seems to be the first thing that I skip out on if things get tight… so if you suffer another drought here then you should follow me on Twitter/Facebook or my photo website as those I tend to be able to keep top of mind things rolling on.

So, where were we… oh yes, September dissolving into October:
The usual goofing around continues, of course,

The Buddies

Samuel turns TWO!

Related Sam is Two albums:
B-Day Lunch B-Day Dinner B-Day Party

The kids favorite museum in the world makes an appearance in our photo journey. The Indianapolis Children’s Museum open it’s new Fly with Me to Egypt exhibit so we went to check it out.

Sam made a new friend, BokBok. BokbBok is a little stuffed animal bird that “cheeps” if you squeeze him. Sam played with him most of the day, most of that time in his Little People playset. We it came time for bed Sam wanted BokBok to join him… so he brushed the bird’s “teeth” and then tucked him into bed next to him.

A day Sam was waiting impatiently for finally came on the 7th. He got his splint off! We got some pictures of the check-up visit with the Doctor that did his surgery. Sam was so happy to get that splint off his arm. He was quick to get back to playing with his trains.

We made our annual pilgrimage to the Pumpkin Patch to find a pumpkin for everyone to make their own for Halloween. This year we went to Beasley’s and it was a great trip. We were joined by my parents, my sister, and her boys.

The Indiana vs. Illinois Football game in Bloomington is our next stop on the trip through October. Myself, Carson, my dad, a co-worker and his son braved the cold to take in a Big Ten football game at the newly renovated stadium. It was homecoming and IU came up big with a win. The boys favorite part had to have been the mini-field on the south end of the stadium that was for kids to run and play on.

Our haunted house trip is always a highlight for our whole family… next year we may have to make two trips, one for Carson to do the “scary” side and one for Sam to do our normal “friendly” trip. We invited one of Carson’s buddies from the neighborhood, Riley. The boys all had a great time.

Pumpkin carving, scary decorations, great costumes, and trick or treating… just a few of the boys favorite Autumn things. It all came to it’s peak on Halloween night.

That brings October to a close. Tune in tomorrow for our November update! To close, here are a couple of artsy pieces I did in October.

FIVE days left to vote on Capture Indy!

If you remember, at little over 2 months ago I made a post about submitting some photos to be included in a hard bound photo book about Indianapolis published by local newspaper, Well there are only 5 days left to get your votes in! I would appreciate all the attention I could get. Tell your friends, co-workers, neighbors, strangers at restaurants, anyone, EVERYONE! Here is the link to my profile:

Here is a sampling of the photos I submitted with direct links to see the full image on the CaptureIndy site:

Capture Indy!

Capture Indy
Big Love by Eric Thomas

I discovered a great website and I want you to be a part of it. is looking for the best photos of the Greater Indianapolis area to be put in a full-color, hard-bound, coffee-table book.

I submitted a photo or two and would really appreciate you looking at it and voting for it. Everyone who submits a photo is eligible for some great prizes, and a discount on the book. The photos that get the most votes will be published in the book, so the book is truly the best of the Greater Indianapolis area. Registration, voting, and submission are all free, so join me and help shape the Capture Indy Project today!

What are you waiting for? Sign up now then go vote for my photos!

See my cross-posting on my Solar Flare Photography blog.

Sunday Dinner and more!

Sunday we had a nice family dinner with us, Nanny and Poppy, and Aunt Shauna at Uno in Greenwood.

Click here for the full gallery.

I put up a new blog entry on my SolarFlarePhoto blog as well, check it out!

Finally, I setup a Facebook page for Solar Flare Photography as well… so become a fan of me if you like!

Solar Flare Photography

I’m going to repost my most recent blog post from over there here…

I made a new subcategory off my Photography category called “Experiments”… going to be putting new things I’m testing out in there.

Tonight, with the New Moon, I thought I might try a couple different night sky shots:

Night Sky

Right before I called it a night I tried out some light painting… it was pretty fun but I need to find a better background instead of my privacy fence.

Light Painting

BTW, I narrowed the photos for the contest to 2 shots… I’ve order both as prints and when I get them I’ll pick then. Thanks to everyone who gave input!

Help with photo selection!!

I want to enter a photo contest at the Omaha Zoo… but I need your help to decide which photo is the best. I can only enter one! Please visit the gallery here: Photo Contest Gallery
Once there, please look at all the photos and comment on the one you like. Be sure to select “This Photo” in the Comment on section, that way your comment is attached to the photo you like.

Thank you so much for your help!!

Busy weekend!

Lot’s of things going on this last weekend… First we bought a Nintendo Wii with a bit of our Tax Return money. It is a lot of fun, for everyone.

Wii Fun

Got some pictures of Sam playing with my work gloves and being sneaky snatching bacon off Carson’s plate (and mine!).

Bacon Bandit

Finally, our friend’s, the Petrusca’s, invited us to Holiday Park for a nature hike and some playtime outside. It was a beautiful clear day, a little chilly but not too bad. We had a great time, later we invited them to play some Wii. 🙂

Click here for the full gallery.

I made Holiday Park a link so you could check out what those ruins were that I took pictures of. I made a panorama of the close-up of the three stones because I thought it looked really cool.