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Friday Off

We had Friday off for the Holiday weekend and we decided to have a great family day. We started off by doing a couple of clean-up projects (while the kids decided to play in their tent city). After that we went in to downtown Indianapolis to check out the City Market… unfortunately for us, they were closed for the holiday weekend. We didn’t let that get us down and we went for a very nice walk around the heart of downtown stopping to see the Circle Monument and the Capitol Building… we ended up at a BBQ just off the Circle and had a great lunch. We then walked around a bit more to see Conseco Fieldhouse and the site of what used to be Market Square Arena (Elvis’ last concert was held there). We wrapped up the day with Card Night at the Mahoney’s, JB made us an amazing dinner and a great time was had by all.

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How did the "Keep Off the Grass" sign get there in the first place?

Friday Funnies
They’re not gone, there just hasn’t been a lot of me posting on Fridays. I’m going to dip back into the Penny Arcade well though (as I probably will a lot) and give you: A Kris Kross reference How can you go wrong with that?

We’re going to hang out at the Randolph’s cabin property tonight in western Indiana, should be fun. I’ll try to take some photos.

News of the “SAY WHAT?”

I read a review of a website that helps people move, called MoveMe. It looks to have lots of cool features to make moving less painful.

How about some free tickets to an Indianapolis Colts game? Feel free to sign up, win, and give them to me. I’ve signed up and my username is airthom.

Sports Illustrated has a “Top 10 College Sports Venues” story up… Memorial Stadium didn’t make it (I’m surprised), but Rosenblatt Stadium did make it. I’ve been to Rosenblatt (a lot) and to the Rose Bowl one time, both are amazing places.

Have a good weekend, see you on the other side.

“I get to go to lots of overseas places, like Canada.” —Britney Spears

Howdy folks! It’s been a crazy week and we’re only halfway done. Started off in shorts and 78 degrees with sun to spare and today it’s cloudy, 31 degrees and it’s starting to snow a little. Ahh, global warming.

Need a new pickup line? Want to entertain at your kids’ next birthday party? This week learn how rip a phone book in half.

RIAA Lawsuit Decision making process chart!
Seagate, fighting terrorism one hard drive at a time.
VGA and DVI are dead, long live DisplayPort 1.1
To everyone that argued with me about the DST change being a scam.. I just have one thing to say to you; HAHAHAHAHA… I WAS RIGHT!
Haffey sends funny stuff all the time, but this one was so good that one of the quotes made my title today. Celebrity Quotes
Oh my… Top 10 beer myths, grab a frosty mug and learn something about brews.

The 80s called… they want to know why their commercials were WAY better than todays. Also play some retro Nintendo games online.

Bargain alert: Dell Laptop on the cheap

April Fools day updates: Some jokes I saw that were pretty funny.
Woot BOC for One Meeeeelion dollars
Google announces the TiSP (Toilet Internet Service)
Dilbert Blog asks people to post about their favorite April Fools Pranks

Another Die Hard movie? Yea, I was thinking the same thing until I watched the trailer:

The weekend is upon us

Bargain Alert: 320gb Hard drive for $80ish .. not too shabby.

Microsoft griefs Sony? Hilarious!

The woot-off is still cranking! Get it while it’s HOT!

Do you work with code? Here’s a really neat little tool.
Also, on the string of cool things from/for Google stuff… GMail loader! Import old “pre-gmail” mail into your GMail account.

Friday Funnies
Dilbert is a riot today, so go check it out.

Have a good weekend!! I’ve got a few things to keep me busy around the house and if we get some time we might go see the TMNT movie!

Wear green tomorrow..

Saint Patrick’s Day is tomorrow.

I’m going to be building Carson’s birthday present… a swing set/playset. We’ll see about getting some pics of that up here afterwards. Afterwards we’re going over to a friend’s place for some celebrating, should be a good time.

I got my new PC! It’s huge, I have named it BEAST. LOL Check out the pics.
Next to a normal PC.

From New Computer

It’s nearly as big as my son.

From New Computer

The color LEDs on the front and back are able to be changed in the BIOS… I went with blue.

From New Computer

Friday Funnies
Penny Arcade strikes again… ripping on Girl Scout sales techniques. Haha, I love that strip.

How about those Indy news reporters?

Can a man drown in the fountain of eternal life?

Wednesday is upon us… halfway to the weekend, well at noon anyway.

We’re going to my friend James’ wedding this weekend in French Lick, Indiana then driving to Edinburgh to stay the night and go to the outlet mall there on Sunday. Kind of a mini-vacation, we’ve been working on the house nearly every weekend so this will be a good break.

I’m seeing weather reports that are saying that Spring is on the way and that warmer weather is coming soon. In the meantime (was 5 here yesterday with windchill), here’s some helpful information on saving someone that has fallen through some ice.

Speaking of weather, check out some cool improvements to

Bargain alert: $100 for a 400gb Hard drive

I want to see this movie:

First Friday of 2007

To celebrate… we (me, Martin, and Lynn) decided to Jell-O mold Chris’ mouse. Booyah!

From Chris Brown’s…

Friday Funnies
The featured funny this week is Penny Arcade, it’s a long time favorite of mine and was the main reason I started this category. Be warned they do at times use strong language and adult situations, but they are extremely funny and extremely well drawn.

Great video of the evolution of dance…

Colts playoff game this weekend… GOOOOO COLTS!