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More catching up!

Ok, so the last post got us up to the end of August. This one should get us current.

First up would be our trip to Negley to visit some of Jenni’s family… it’s always a great time.

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Then Jenni had a birthday:

and Sam had icing on his face:

Next, Sam passed out with the remote:

Then we went to Anderson Apple Orchard with our neighbors… was such a great day!

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Finally, taking us up to the present… I got some pictures of the boys goofing around.

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Memorial Day in Negley

We took Friday off and went out to Negley to have a long weekend at Jenni’s Grandma’s place. It was a great visit, we went out to a few different places in Ohio’s Amish country and the rest of the time hung out with family. My mom did a bang up job on the flower beds while we were there with the grandsons’ help, of course.

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200th post and Happy Thanksgiving

We went to Jenni’s grandmother’s house for Thanksgiving… it’s always a great trip and this year was no exception.

This is my 200th post on my blog, I had hoped to have a bunch of links and videos to celebrate but I’m exhausted. Maybe at 250 I’ll do the celebrate thing. 😉

Back from Florida

It was a great time… we got to see a lot of family. The boy’s got to be in the ocean (ok, the Gulf of Mexico) for the first time… Sam got in a pool for the first time. Carson met Carson (Great Grampa) and Carson (Cousin). I have a ton of photos (200+) and another video to add to the swimming videos in the previous blog post.

I’ll throw a couple of my faves out after the link to the full album…

Florida 2008

Three Carsons… it was confusing and wonderful.

The brothers in the ocean at sunset.

Grampa and his baby girls.

Everyone at the family reunion day.

Three Carsons and a Sam.

Video: This is Carson and Carson having a serious discussion about “Snipes”.

I hope everyone had as great of a Memorial Day as we did.

Sunday Hiking Trip

We went on a big hike through Turkey Run State Park with the Petrusca family. Carson and Andrei are classmates at their school. We had a wonderful time, that we’ll feel for a few days… heh. I’m not going to put the slideshow because there are 150+ pictures, so I’ll link the album first and then pick a few of my favorite shots. Click the album to see the whole set.

Hiking Trip