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FIVE days left to vote on Capture Indy!

If you remember, at little over 2 months ago I made a post about submitting some photos to be included in a hard bound photo book about Indianapolis published by local newspaper, Well there are only 5 days left to get your votes in! I would appreciate all the attention I could get. Tell your friends, co-workers, neighbors, strangers at restaurants, anyone, EVERYONE! Here is the link to my profile:

Here is a sampling of the photos I submitted with direct links to see the full image on the CaptureIndy site:

Photo site update!

I’ve done a bit more customization on my photo site to try and make it more tuned to what I think people want to see.

I used to have a box on the Galleries page that had “Featured Albums”… I tried to keep it updated with the latest albums I thought people would like to see. It’s too manual of a process and it only holds 4 albums so I decided to stop using it. Recently I found another SmugMug user that had written an add-on that displayed his most recently uploaded photos.. I thought this might be kind of neat but might clutter up the page a bit and wouldn’t really show all the newest albums. I dug a bit more into his posting and there was a second user that had altered the add-on to show the most recently update albums. PERFECT, I thought. There were a few tweaks that I had to figure out to get them working on my site, but I’ve finally got it set.

The new box called “Latest Galleries Updated” is viewable at the top of the Galleries page… it shows the last 12 albums I uploaded an image into and it features “< Newer | Older >” navigation in the top right to browse through what I’ve updated lately. Below that box is the normal Gallery Categories boxes. They currently are unchanged. With this new capability at the top of the page I may start looking at re-organizing how that is setup as well to be easier to navigate.

Also tweaked a bit is my landing page slideshow… I hid the control buttons and randomized the play order.

Finally, not related to the photo site… I’ve listed my blogs on the site. This blog: SolarFlarePhoto blog: It’s a geotagging site for news, blogs, discussions, etc… I’m experimenting with it to see what it can do for me. Feel free to check it out yourself.

Capture Indy!

Capture Indy
Big Love by Eric Thomas

I discovered a great website and I want you to be a part of it. is looking for the best photos of the Greater Indianapolis area to be put in a full-color, hard-bound, coffee-table book.

I submitted a photo or two and would really appreciate you looking at it and voting for it. Everyone who submits a photo is eligible for some great prizes, and a discount on the book. The photos that get the most votes will be published in the book, so the book is truly the best of the Greater Indianapolis area. Registration, voting, and submission are all free, so join me and help shape the Capture Indy Project today!

What are you waiting for? Sign up now then go vote for my photos!

See my cross-posting on my Solar Flare Photography blog.

Sunday Dinner and more!

Sunday we had a nice family dinner with us, Nanny and Poppy, and Aunt Shauna at Uno in Greenwood.

Click here for the full gallery.

I put up a new blog entry on my SolarFlarePhoto blog as well, check it out!

Finally, I setup a Facebook page for Solar Flare Photography as well… so become a fan of me if you like!

Solar Flare Photography

I’m going to repost my most recent blog post from over there here…

I made a new subcategory off my Photography category called “Experiments”… going to be putting new things I’m testing out in there.

Tonight, with the New Moon, I thought I might try a couple different night sky shots:

Night Sky

Right before I called it a night I tried out some light painting… it was pretty fun but I need to find a better background instead of my privacy fence.

Light Painting

BTW, I narrowed the photos for the contest to 2 shots… I’ve order both as prints and when I get them I’ll pick then. Thanks to everyone who gave input!