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Big Ten embarassment

Wow, just wow…. Kudos to Florida for playing a flawless game though.

Patch Tuesday has landed, so the rest of this will be brief BUT there are a few things to note that are awesometacular (yes, I just made up that word).

AppleTV – for $299 you get a crapload of AWESOME features that brings the content from your computer over to your TV. I’m really pondering getting one of these.

iPhone lives – it’s real, it’s spectacular, I want one VERY BADLY, and it will break the bank ($599)… but in their defense, there is NOTHING on the market that even comes close to touching this thing.

Ok, so back to patching and stuff.

Monday/Tuesday got by me

So it’s 1am and I’m done patching my servers and workstations… if you know what that means and you haven’t checked your machines for updates, do it now. If you don’t know what that means, nod and pretend you know what I mean. (Patch Tuesday)

Sunday Carson went to a birthday party for his friends Katie and Maddie’s birthday party (Their dad and mom I went to High School with, Charlie and Lauri). He had a really great time and there were tons of kids PLUS there was a clown (no, not Charlie).

From December 11th…

Oh, in that album is us making a GingerBread house with Carson after the Birthday party.. it was all fun and games until someone crammed their face in the icing.

So, let’s skip the topic of the Colt’s… I’m still mad about that thing some people called a game. ugh

Have you guys seen this search site? Talk about searching with attitude… I had a few chuckles but will stick with my google.

Dude!!! I TOTALLY WANT ONE OF THESE TABLES!!! Man that’s cool.

It’s late, I’m going to bed.. but first an important warning review for those lucky enough to get a Wii. Warning offensive language inside, click play with caution:

Patch Tuesday

Every month about this time Microsoft does some patching… which means somethings get broken and somethings get fixed but break other things. It all adds up to me having to work more. 🙁 Such is the life of people in computer support, we accept it. Just don’t expect much from us for the next two days and everything will be groovy again after that.

One of my favorite Mac commercials…

Some Vista links for those who are interested… good info here.

As a former collector (and current holder of) sports (baseball) cards, this is what you call a keeper.