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Found humor: Explanation of Warren G’s “Regulate”

This was apparently entered on on Wikipedia’s site on the song itself but was recently removed. I found a copy of it at this site:

On a cool, clear night (typical to Southern California) Warren G travels through his neighborhood, searching for women with whom he might initiate sexual intercourse. He has chosen to engage in this pursuit alone.
Nate Dogg, having just arrived in Long Beach, seeks Warren. On his way to find Warren, Nate passes a car full of women who are excited to see him. Regardless, he insists to the women that there is no cause for excitement.
Warren makes a left turn at 21st Street and Lewis Ave, in the East Hill/Salt Lake neighborhood[6], where he sees a group of young men enjoying a game of dice together. He parks his car and greets them. He is excited to find people to play with, but to his chagrin, he discovers they intend to relieve him of his material possessions. Once the hopeful robbers reveal their firearms, Warren realizes he is in a less than favorable predicament.
Meanwhile, Nate passes the women, as they are low on his list of priorities. His primary concern is locating Warren. After curtly casting away the strumpets (whose interest in Nate was such that they crashed their automobile), he serendipitously stumbles upon his friend, Warren G, being held up by the young miscreants.
Warren, unaware that Nate is surreptitiously observing the scene unfold, is in disbelief that he’s being robbed. The perpetrators have taken jewelry and a name brand designer watch from Warren, who is so incredulous that he asks what else the robbers intend to steal. This is most likely a rhetorical question.
Observing these unfortunate proceedings, Nate realizes that he may have to use his firearm to deliver his friend from harm.
The tension crescendos as the robbers point their guns to Warren’s head. Warren senses the gravity of his situation. He cannot believe the events unfolding could happen in his own neighborhood. As he imagines himself in a fantastical escape, he catches a glimpse of his friend, Nate.
Nate has seventeen cartridges to expend (sixteen residing in the pistol’s magazine, with a solitary round placed in the chamber and ready to be fired) on the group of robbers, and he uses many of them. Afterward, he generously shares the credit for neutralizing the situation with Warren, though it is clear that Nate did all of the difficult work. Putting congratulations aside, Nate quickly reminds himself that he has committed multiple homicides to save Warren before letting his friend know that there are females nearby if he wishes to fornicate with them.
Warren recalls that it was the promise of copulation that coaxed him away from his previous activities, and is thankful that Nate knows a way to satisfy these urges.
Nate quickly finds the women who earlier crashed their car on Nate’s account. He remarks to one that he is fond of her physical appeal. The woman, impressed by Nate’s singing ability, asks that he and Warren allow her and her friends to share transportation. Soon, both friends are driving with automobiles full of women to the East Side Motel, presumably to consummate their flirtation in an orgy.
The third verse is more expository, with Warren and Nate explaining their G Funk musical style. Nate displays his bravado by claiming that individuals with equivalent knowledge could not even attempt to approach his level of lyrical mastery. There follows a brief discussion of the genre’s musicological features, with special care taken to point out that in said milieu the rhythm is not in fact the rhythm, as one might assume, but actually the bass. Similarly the bass serves a purpose closer to that which the treble would in more traditional musical forms. Nate goes on to note that if any third party smokes as he does, they would find themselves in a state of intoxication daily (from Nate’s other works, it can be inferred that the substance referenced is marijuana). Nate concludes his delineation of the night by issuing a vague threat to “busters,” suggesting that he and Warren will further “regulate” any potential incidents in the future (presumably by engaging their enemies with small arms fire).

RIP Nate Dogg

From the desk of Dilbert…

This was a hilarious Dilbert strip from last week that I wanted to put up for Friday Funnies, but I just didn’t get the chance too… so here it is today instead. Please click the image to take you to the Dilbert site so that Scott Adams gets the web traffic he so richly deserves for being the creator of one of the greatest comic strips ever.

From the Haffey’s Links department:

We’ll close with an awesome Will It Blend? episode.. featuring the one and only Chuck Norris.

How did the "Keep Off the Grass" sign get there in the first place?

Friday Funnies
They’re not gone, there just hasn’t been a lot of me posting on Fridays. I’m going to dip back into the Penny Arcade well though (as I probably will a lot) and give you: A Kris Kross reference How can you go wrong with that?

We’re going to hang out at the Randolph’s cabin property tonight in western Indiana, should be fun. I’ll try to take some photos.

News of the “SAY WHAT?”

I read a review of a website that helps people move, called MoveMe. It looks to have lots of cool features to make moving less painful.

How about some free tickets to an Indianapolis Colts game? Feel free to sign up, win, and give them to me. I’ve signed up and my username is airthom.

Sports Illustrated has a “Top 10 College Sports Venues” story up… Memorial Stadium didn’t make it (I’m surprised), but Rosenblatt Stadium did make it. I’ve been to Rosenblatt (a lot) and to the Rose Bowl one time, both are amazing places.

Have a good weekend, see you on the other side.

The weekend is upon us

Bargain Alert: 320gb Hard drive for $80ish .. not too shabby.

Microsoft griefs Sony? Hilarious!

The woot-off is still cranking! Get it while it’s HOT!

Do you work with code? Here’s a really neat little tool.
Also, on the string of cool things from/for Google stuff… GMail loader! Import old “pre-gmail” mail into your GMail account.

Friday Funnies
Dilbert is a riot today, so go check it out.

Have a good weekend!! I’ve got a few things to keep me busy around the house and if we get some time we might go see the TMNT movie!

Wear green tomorrow..

Saint Patrick’s Day is tomorrow.

I’m going to be building Carson’s birthday present… a swing set/playset. We’ll see about getting some pics of that up here afterwards. Afterwards we’re going over to a friend’s place for some celebrating, should be a good time.

I got my new PC! It’s huge, I have named it BEAST. LOL Check out the pics.
Next to a normal PC.

From New Computer

It’s nearly as big as my son.

From New Computer

The color LEDs on the front and back are able to be changed in the BIOS… I went with blue.

From New Computer

Friday Funnies
Penny Arcade strikes again… ripping on Girl Scout sales techniques. Haha, I love that strip.

How about those Indy news reporters?

Fridays are my favorites

I mean, besides the weekend days of course. I think I’ve probably post that before, but it’s worth mentioning a second time (or third, etc).

Let’s get this Friday started..
Friday Funnies
I enjoy the quirkiness of Non Sequitur… and yesterday’s comic was hilarious.

Bargain Alerts:

Peyton Manning celebrates his birthday as the host of SNL!
I haven’t watched a live airing of SNL in ages, this one I will be watching.
I watched the IU vs. Northwestern game the other day… that was more thrilling than it needed to be. It was cool to see Wilmont break the IU 3 point record in a game though.

Haffey sent me a nice link on how to optimize your computer, whether you are running Vista or XP. Check it out. Thanks Haffey.

My favorite day of the week

Fridays are good, most of the time. For me it’s normally a catch-up day… laid back mainly as well. Great all around.

Like puzzles but like to win even more? This Rubik’s Cube is for you. heh

Hey! Did you know they are changing Daylight Saving Time? Yea, well… it might mess up some of your gadgets. So read here to learn more. “What?? They changed DST??” you say? Why yes they did! Dirty, dirty monkeys… if you ask me.

So it’s that time again…
Friday Funnies
This week we visit GU Comics.. Gamer-centric comic, that covers everything surrounding gaming. Normally short paneled and gets right to the funny.

BTW, in case you missed the Grammy’s (because I know I did)… THE POLICE TOGETHER!!

SlickDeals has a couple bargains worth looking at today… not knowing how long they’ll last I’ll just give you a general link to the site. HERE!

Maybe some more later.

Friday arrives, none to soon…

We’ll start the day off with,

Friday Funnies

Today’s Funny is from a tech/gaming comic Ctrl+Alt+Del, adventures in tech support.

SlickDeals gives us another bargain, Dell AMD powered computer on the cheap.

There’s a good wrap-up of the top College recruiting classes over at ESPN. It’s good to see Bill Callahan keeps improving his recruiting classes.

And the last link for now from, an interview with Peyton Manning. Class just pours out of him.

Oh.. I wanted to post this video too.. 24 / Aqua Teen Hunger Force parody, since I love 24 and ATHF has been in the news recently:

Great Heroes parody video!

Here comes the weekend

Man, it feels like this has been the longest week all year… oh, wait. 🙂 Carson starts his swimming class tomorrow and he is really excited. Mom made some chocolate cake and brought it over last night, was delicious.

Friday Funnies
I’ve always like Speed Bump.. and todays I found especially funny.

The Colts are ramped up for this weekend and so am I. Let’s hope the defense has a decent day and the offense has an awesome day. I know that would make my weekend.

Cool video of iPhone: