My favorite day of the week

Fridays are good, most of the time. For me it’s normally a catch-up day… laid back mainly as well. Great all around.

Like puzzles but like to win even more? This Rubik’s Cube is for you. heh

Hey! Did you know they are changing Daylight Saving Time? Yea, well… it might mess up some of your gadgets. So read here to learn more. “What?? They changed DST??” you say? Why yes they did! Dirty, dirty monkeys… if you ask me.

So it’s that time again…
Friday Funnies
This week we visit GU Comics.. Gamer-centric comic, that covers everything surrounding gaming. Normally short paneled and gets right to the funny.

BTW, in case you missed the Grammy’s (because I know I did)… THE POLICE TOGETHER!!

SlickDeals has a couple bargains worth looking at today… not knowing how long they’ll last I’ll just give you a general link to the site. HERE!

Maybe some more later.

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