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Funkmaster Sam

Now, I’m going to start this off with a disclaimer… Carson is still the reigning Funk King in our house but Sam is a bit less camera shy. I hope to get some good footage of Carson strutting soon. His has a style all his own and he really is serious and into it when he gets rolling.

Ok, on to the footage on-hand. Sam has recently started singing… usually a bit under his breath, but on songs he’s really familiar with he’ll belt it out like this:

And the latest development (despite his arm and foot being in a heavy wrap) is his desire to “get funky”. The two video don’t show his footwork but I think this still counts as dancing:

Sam has discovered bubble wrap!

Hilarious! Here’s a couple videos following them is a link the full album with more videos and photos…

Click to see the full gallery.


I’ve added a twitter feed to my site on the right column there… and hopefully my flash status thing at the top of the page will start working again.

COLTS WIN!! Comfortably to boot, it was a double blessing. I’m thinking of inviting people over for next weeks game against the Lions, hit me up if you have interest.

I’m in the process of deciding whether to move to SmugMug from PicasaWeb. PicasaWeb has been great and no matter what I’ll continue using Picasa on my computer and most likely continue with their free storage but for the money I spend I want more. I have 25+gb of photos/videos, it’s about 20,000 files in 500ish folders. The flat structure of PicasaWeb does not handle it well (and I could only house about 50-60% of my items there). I started using SmugMug a few days ago to just check it out, I kind of got into it and was doing a lot of customizations as well as uploading a bunch of photos. That’s when I found that I was missing some original photos I had taken and/or scanned over the years. This is exactly the kind of problem only being able to house a portion of your pictures online can cause, luckily some of the pictures I had online but they were reduced quality because of space limitations. SmugMug has no space limitation, so another point for them there. I’ll be making the final decision sometime this week, but if you’ve read this far you have probably picked up my inclination so far. My PicasaWeb link is on the right (I’ve stripped it down to be under the 1gb free limit) and contact me if you want my SmugMug link… in case you want to give input, which I welcome.

How about some Haffey’s Links??? It’s been quite sometime since I’ve dumped some of these on you, so let me crack open Ye Olde Dusty Google Notebook to share some gems with you:

And we’ll close up shop today with this disturbing video of a Senior Citizen Church Choir singing some of today’s most popular… RAP tracks.

Sam’s First Year Video

I try to make a video for each kid on/around their birthday to show the last year in pictures and video. I try to set it to either some music they like or something matching the pictures. Sam’s first almost got by me without a video.. but I got it done before the birthday party. I put it on DVD and ripped it back to Google Video for everyone to get to see it.

Back from Florida

It was a great time… we got to see a lot of family. The boy’s got to be in the ocean (ok, the Gulf of Mexico) for the first time… Sam got in a pool for the first time. Carson met Carson (Great Grampa) and Carson (Cousin). I have a ton of photos (200+) and another video to add to the swimming videos in the previous blog post.

I’ll throw a couple of my faves out after the link to the full album…

Florida 2008

Three Carsons… it was confusing and wonderful.

The brothers in the ocean at sunset.

Grampa and his baby girls.

Everyone at the family reunion day.

Three Carsons and a Sam.

Video: This is Carson and Carson having a serious discussion about “Snipes”.

I hope everyone had as great of a Memorial Day as we did.