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First Friday of 2007

To celebrate… we (me, Martin, and Lynn) decided to Jell-O mold Chris’ mouse. Booyah!

From Chris Brown’s…

Friday Funnies
The featured funny this week is Penny Arcade, it’s a long time favorite of mine and was the main reason I started this category. Be warned they do at times use strong language and adult situations, but they are extremely funny and extremely well drawn.

Great video of the evolution of dance…

Colts playoff game this weekend… GOOOOO COLTS!

Holy cold snap, batdude.

Wind advisories and temps in the 20s. I think it’s snowing a little too. Yuck.

Read a great write-up on the Big 12 championship game… it is really nice seeing NU-OU playing in a conference championship that has important bowl implications. Even though both teams have changed dramatically over the years.


Perhaps something new starting for Friday’s… I like comics and there are a ton of good web comics out there that even I haven’t seen. Maybe I’ll pick an episode every Friday usually from a new strip (I’ll have to plug my favorites a few extra times, of course). We’ll call it:

Friday Funnies
Today’s feature is: Joe and Monkey
It’s really a random strip which is probably why I like it. I look forward to sharing my findings.

Great stop motion video…