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So I slightly changed the look of the blog.. it was a little too “caffeinated” with those other colors. I also added another site to my link list, Paul Thurrott’s blog, he runs the SuperSite for Windows which is a great Windows resource. I am very much enjoying his weekly podcast from Twit.TV with Leo LaPorte. Another of my favorites from Twit is Security Now with Steve Gibson… both are really great programs, I would recommend you listen if you have the interest in either topic.

Saw a great list of facts and ficitons from Wired… interesting to say the least.

I love this, I really do…. hahahahahaha

Holy cold snap, batdude.

Wind advisories and temps in the 20s. I think it’s snowing a little too. Yuck.

Read a great write-up on the Big 12 championship game… it is really nice seeing NU-OU playing in a conference championship that has important bowl implications. Even though both teams have changed dramatically over the years.


Perhaps something new starting for Friday’s… I like comics and there are a ton of good web comics out there that even I haven’t seen. Maybe I’ll pick an episode every Friday usually from a new strip (I’ll have to plug my favorites a few extra times, of course). We’ll call it:

Friday Funnies
Today’s feature is: Joe and Monkey
It’s really a random strip which is probably why I like it. I look forward to sharing my findings.

Great stop motion video…

Wacky weather..

From super warm and nice on Monday to snow and cold for tomorrow… Indiana and Nebraska share similar weather patterns.

Football news!
Pro – Ricky Proehl (WR) joins the Colts. This will be a great addition as they haven’t been running their normal 3 wide set since Stokely (WR) has been injured. With Dallas Clark (TE) getting hurt it puts some additional strain on their depth in the three wide set… Clark often would line up as the third wide receiver.

College – The Big 12 championship game to produce two bowl teams. The winner is to go to the BCS game at the Fiesta Bowl and the loser is to go to the Cotton Bowl. Not a bad deal at all for the Big 12, as a few other teams are expected to get bowl invites as well.

So Stephen Colbert is having (or had) a “Green Screen Challenge”… some very funny results on his site.

Maybe some more later…


Ok, so it’s 3:39pm and I’m just now putting a blog post up… should speak to how busy I am today. heh

We have Windows Vista and Office 2007 on hand, so trying to sort through that… scrambling to write documentation and notify people of it’s availability. I’ve also started testing MS Forefront Client Security, which is the corporate version of Windows Defender with some extra stuff. All of that AND the phone has been ringing off the hook here today.

We had our Thanksgiving Luncheon at work and man, there was a ton of food. I brought one of 12 supplied pumpkin pies.

To make up for the lack of links and actual interesting content, here is a video to take you worries away:

Friday is finally here!

So Friday is here and as I type this I’m sure Brett and Heather are in the car headed this way. Woohoo!

Was a decent morning too… Carson was awake and moving, he seemed to sleep better. His cough is still there but it’s moving stuff so that’s good. More later.

Public Service Announcement: Don’t do this… the end.

White & Nerdy by Weird Al
Great video/song

Also check out this crazy cat!

Tired but excited…

So I stayed up for the entire Colts-Pats game, as seen by my last entry early this morning. Which means I’m tired, but I’m excited for this week to begin because on Friday Brett & Heather will be driving in to visit us. Going to be a fun weekend, we’re going to go watch the Colts play the Bills among other things.

I picked up a new phrase today from Penny Arcade, pray I do not point it at you. LOL!

Verrrrrry tempting purchase, I fear I might go broke though.

Here’s a really good breakdown of the Colts-Pats game.

Trying to decide on a color scheme for a room? for a website? for a newsletter? Color Palette Generator to the rescue! It’s pretty neat, I messed with it for a solid 15 minutes.

Carson got his class photos back.. THEY ARE AWESOME!!