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Top 5 reasons to shower after your children

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    You hate warm water.

  3. You love standing sliding on a surface coated in various kiddie soaps.

  5. The dog had dry skin, so while you were in the shower the kids helped him out.

  7. Nutrition choices are made while you clean the dog off, lots of energy for school today!

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    Your children have better fashion sense than you, so it’s best they dress and accessorize themselves.


Have I missed one (or several)? Drop a comment or a @reply on twitter and I’ll do a follow-up with input from everyone.

Brickworld: Indy – Attack of the Legos

This past weekend we made it out to the Indianapolis Convention Center for Brickworld: Indy… it was 18,000 sqft of Lego displays/vendors/activities. Our good friends the Rose’s invited us to join them, the mom’s both opted out of the event. So it was two dads and four boys off for a day of Lego Mania.

Much of the signage was either made with Legos or had a Lego creation next to them… this extended to name tags on staff (I wish I had gotten a good pic of the name tags).
Taken with SmugShot on Eric's iPhone

In the first area as we arrived was an area where different building activities were going on. There was mural building, a miniature golf hole, little kid legos on the floor, and where our group rushed, the enormous table of gray bricks. Kids (and adults) were challenged to build anything they wanted with the simplest of Legos.
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

In the next (much larger) area were the displays… grand scale creations, with amazing attention to details.
Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

The Lucas Oil Stadium display had motorized sliding window and doors…

My favorite “scene” was this siege on a castle…

This is the one image that truly summed up the whole experience for the kids.

We had an awesome time and at the end we toured some of the vendor tables that lined the outer wall of the display area and proceeded to spend way more money than we planned… so many little custom items to make your Lego creations come alive for you. This is on our watch-list to make sure we get back to again next year.

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