Big news

Big news today, but let’s get the regular stuff out of the way first.

This day in history
1984: NFL’s Colts franchise moves to Indianapolis
Read all about the Colts here and here.

Here’s a story update somewhat related to the Colts; Bears fan name change to Peyton Manning denied.
While we’re on the football string, it looks like the Nebraska Huskers are having some running back issues. I hope they get them sorted out and can come out and have a good season.

Tech News update: Apple’s Bootcamp 1.2 supports Windows Vista

This past weekend Carson went to our Neighborhood Easter Egg hunt… he had a really good time.

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

Ok ok, I’ve strung you all along for long enough. Our family is about to grow by another member! Jenni had an ultrasound done and everything is looking great; we are about 10 weeks along. This means an October due date.
Here are the ultrasound pics:

New Baby

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