The more you know…

hehe.. cheesy title for tips -n- tricks day.
This should be a very good entry though.

Have a password? Of course you do, who doesn’t these days. Here is an extremely important read for you, go ahead and click through to read the linked blog in the story too. Be safe with your information.

Vista is not doing to shabby. I’ve been using it on my main desktop at work since the enterprise edition launched and I have to say that I’ve been overall really pleased with it.
This link is for Jenni, spiffy new medical tablet PC. If you work in health care, I’m sure you’d kill (figuratively) to get one of those.
Do you fly often? Use text messaging on your mobile phone too? Here is some great info for you to help keep track of your flights, etc.
Speaking of Google, there is an exciting rumor spinning about GDrive… JotSpot = new GDrive? I would love to have all my Google services wrapped in one beautiful little container so I’m extremely excited to see this kind of news, even if it is just a rumor.

Bargain alert: toy clearance sale!

Oops, almost forgot an additional Haffey Link… Who loves the Kwik-E Mart? News of the weird kind, indeed.

I hope to have some big news tomorrow and some photos to boot.

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