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I think the feature stuff is fun, as it gives me extra motivation to post on the days where I have a specific feature… like Tips and Tricks or Friday Funnies. So I’m going to add one for Thursdays:

This day in history
This should be a fun feature… I will put things things in this feature that happened within the last week that were of historical interest and/or humorous interest. For the first installment we’ll stay on the serious side, but definitely interesting. On this day in 1692, the Salem Witch Trials began. There is a lot of interesting reading at that link, with a ton of external links if you really wanted to dig in to the subject.

On to techie stuff… Real time traffic updates with Google Maps? Very cool.
Adobe is looking at releasing a web version of Photoshop… I’ll be interested to see how they handle the access/licensing but this really is the direction a ton of software and services are going.

Have a CVS in your area? Slickdeals is reporting a deal from them for 30 free digital prints. Awesome.

I try normally not to embed videos on consecutive days but this is an amazing piece of hardware and I’ve watched the video about 4 times myself already.

Late entry: So as a parent, stories about daycare tend to catch my eye… This story on MSNBC is very interesting and a bit worrisome. I think we were very lucky to find such a GREAT daycare when we lived in Nebraska. After moving to Indiana our first daycare experience was horrible but have again been lucky that we were able to move him to the daycare where I work. It’s an amazing daycare available for us to use and it keeps Carson close to me as well. I hope that other parents have all the luck we’ve had and none of the horrible experience.

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