Number sixty one…

So yea, creative juices not flowing in the title department… sorry.

Anyway, on with the stuffs! So, the Borat movie (which I haven’t seen) did something interesting with their DVD release and because of the humor involved here I might actually make the effort to watch it. In general though, I find that type of humor a bit outside of my tastes… we’ll see, maybe I’ll do a movie review on here.

Are you a Network Admin? Aspire to go into that field? Want to be as terrible as possible? Here are some great tips. I laughed quite a bit at this, thanks Haffey for the link.
Ever heard of You know those motivational posters in a lot of offices? Well this place makes the evil equivalent of that… and they are hilarious.

Another Haffey link!! Large denominations of US money… cool stuff and potential useless trivia tidbit.

Holy crap! I just spilled an entire picture of iced tea into my laptop! Let the healing begin.

Football story time! Here’s the 2007 NFL Mock Draft, by Scouts, Inc. Story about the NFL Combine and it’s future in Indy.. little tidbits about the new stadium too.

Alright, I found a great list of spoilers.. from movies to tv to historical events. It is very funny.. and dang you Haffey for providing it too. GET BACK TO WORK!

I leave you with Rainn Wilson’s (Dwight) monologue from SNL… it was really good.

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