Humpday almost snuck by…

but I decided I’ve been neglecting the tips and tricks for too many weeks in a row. So without further delay:
This tip is especially good for us as well as MJ and the soon-to-be-missus… OMG PAINTING TIPS!!! I hope it’s not to late to be helpful. Make sure to check out the related wiki’s as there were several great ones.

Insane finish at the Daytona 500.. Clint Bowyer crosses the finish line upside down. From SIPhotos.
It was a crazy race all around… I don’t have enough patience/willpower to sit through a whole race but thank goodness for SportsCenter, I love me some highlights. Speaking of SportsCenter they recently celebrated their 30,000th episode. Crazy business for sure… go here for their awesome commercials.

Slight switch in gears to some football talk.. Nebraska seems to have a decent recruiting class coming. If Callahan can keep the momentum he has moving forward I think they really have a chance of returning to the top 10 end of the polls for a good stretch again.
And in the NFL, the combine is geared up to roll. Should be an interesting draft given the small free agent pool this season. Ohh! I plan to go and see the SuperBowl trophy on Friday, hopefully I’ll remember my camera so I can get a photo. I also need to take my camera by the Colts practice facility to get a picture of the awesome banner they have up. Ok.. I sleep now… you read in the morning.

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