Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital

There was a press release today from Jenni’s work… Carson and I were invited to come and help out. Carson got to stand at the head of the line (with his back to the TV cameras) and give Peyton (and the other big wigs) high fives on their way to the stage and then got front row seats to the news release. I took some pictures, I’m hoping Dr. Ronda and her husband Bruce got some good ones that I can put in my album as well.

And since I’ve already been asked, I figure I better note it here before more people wonder… Nothing is wrong with Carson, he’s perfectly healthy. They had kids in the hospital and kids of employees there to greet Peyton.

Note to self: Van repair: $0 – Broken resistor on blower motor – 36,134m (original purchase date 4/26/07)

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