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Big news

Big news today, but let’s get the regular stuff out of the way first.

This day in history
1984: NFL’s Colts franchise moves to Indianapolis
Read all about the Colts here and here.

Here’s a story update somewhat related to the Colts; Bears fan name change to Peyton Manning denied.
While we’re on the football string, it looks like the Nebraska Huskers are having some running back issues. I hope they get them sorted out and can come out and have a good season.

Tech News update: Apple’s Bootcamp 1.2 supports Windows Vista

This past weekend Carson went to our Neighborhood Easter Egg hunt… he had a really good time.

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

Ok ok, I’ve strung you all along for long enough. Our family is about to grow by another member! Jenni had an ultrasound done and everything is looking great; we are about 10 weeks along. This means an October due date.
Here are the ultrasound pics:

New Baby

The more you know…

hehe.. cheesy title for tips -n- tricks day.
This should be a very good entry though.

Have a password? Of course you do, who doesn’t these days. Here is an extremely important read for you, go ahead and click through to read the linked blog in the story too. Be safe with your information.

Vista is not doing to shabby. I’ve been using it on my main desktop at work since the enterprise edition launched and I have to say that I’ve been overall really pleased with it.
This link is for Jenni, spiffy new medical tablet PC. If you work in health care, I’m sure you’d kill (figuratively) to get one of those.
Do you fly often? Use text messaging on your mobile phone too? Here is some great info for you to help keep track of your flights, etc.
Speaking of Google, there is an exciting rumor spinning about GDrive… JotSpot = new GDrive? I would love to have all my Google services wrapped in one beautiful little container so I’m extremely excited to see this kind of news, even if it is just a rumor.

Bargain alert: toy clearance sale!

Oops, almost forgot an additional Haffey Link… Who loves the Kwik-E Mart? News of the weird kind, indeed.

I hope to have some big news tomorrow and some photos to boot.

A Lego couch? NO WAY!

If I was still single I would definitely have one of these bad mammajammas. I mean come on, that is too cool.

UPS has read my mind. Their newest feature of their service is the smartest thing they could’ve done. Read all about it.

Haffey time; Sick of meetings, coworkers, office politics? Do yourself in, hurry though you only have 5 minutes. Animated violence and bloodshed, as well as inane office environment which is torture by itself.
He also sent this link, about people who have been banned from being on SNL. It was very interesting to read.

Speaking of SNL… did you see Peyton Manning’s United Way fake commercial? Hilarious, have a look.

Well, that was quick…

The weekend was a blur, got a good amount of stuff done but it still seemed to go to quick. Did the quarter-round for the tile in the bathroom (will try to update a few pics this week in there), attached a steering wheel and telescope to Carson’s clubhouse, fixed a few of the gutter spouts, and took Carson to the neighborhood Easter egg hunt.

Story update: On the RIAA vs UNL story.

Haffey strikes again with his links! Photos of wrong place/wrong time situations, on the adult meter the worst is a far away shot of some dudes butt. Speaking of Haffey, check out his new bike… hot.

I got 4242 meters on the Monkey Kick Off! Woot!!!

The weekend is upon us

Bargain Alert: 320gb Hard drive for $80ish .. not too shabby.

Microsoft griefs Sony? Hilarious!

The woot-off is still cranking! Get it while it’s HOT!

Do you work with code? Here’s a really neat little tool.
Also, on the string of cool things from/for Google stuff… GMail loader! Import old “pre-gmail” mail into your GMail account.

Friday Funnies
Dilbert is a riot today, so go check it out.

Have a good weekend!! I’ve got a few things to keep me busy around the house and if we get some time we might go see the TMNT movie!

This just in…

I’m back at work…

This day in history
The first working laser patented this day in 1960. Sometime later, Dr. Evil uses this invention in his evil plot.

My old employer tells the RIAA to pay them for wasting the University’s time… HA HA HA. Go UNL!!

Here’s a funny link that Haffey sent me yesterday… funny stuff said in court. In honor of Haffey providing me so much material, I’ve added a new label “Haffey’s Links”… in time I hope to go back through what I’ve already posted and add the label when necessary. This way you can target just the posts with “Links provided by Haffey”(tm).


What a laugh on this one!

No Wednesday post…

Sorry to disappoint (HA).. but I most likely will not be making a post tomorrow. I’m taking the day off of work to hang out with Carson (he’s on Spring Break from Daycare) and I will most likely be no where near a computer. So this Tuesday, late evening edition, will have to hold you over until Thursday.

So Windows Server 2003 released Service Pack 2… As always, install this on a test server first and test it before putting it on your production servers.

So the US Government is going to give out coupons to people to help with the adoption of HDTV… that’s ok I guess, as long as they actually do the switch. Hasn’t it already been pushed back twice? Not that I’m overly excited at the possibility of them spending 1.5 billion dollars to help make sure everyone can receive TV signals but if they can verify the people they are giving the money to are paying taxes I have no problem.

I took a couple pictures today on the way home from work…
Here’s the Colt’s complex

Here’s a close up of the banner

Here’s Eagle Creek Reservoir (with the dam in the distance)

There’s a few more of each of those types of pictures in the album there. Hope you all have a good Wednesday.

What happens if you are in a car going the speed of light and you turn your headlights on?

SI has a really cool photo album with record breaking moments in sports.

Google has made their own sidebar, which from the screenshots looks similar to the one included in Vista. Neat stuff really.

This day in history
Johannes Kepler Discovers Third Law of Planetary Motion (1618)
Johannes Kepler was a German mathematician who derived the three laws of planetary motion. His observations influenced Isaac Newton’s later discovery of the laws of motion and universal gravitation.

Bargain alert: Altrec is having a nice sale on winter wear/winter sports equipment.

I created a orkut profile and invited a couple people to be my friends… but looking at my list of email contacts maybe I just put it on here and those interested can contact me about an invite.
From the site: is a new social networking service named for the Google engineer who developed it, Orkut Buyukkokten. (Orkut is easier to spell and pronounce than Buyukkokten.) It was created as an independent project to help people around the world connect.

Anyway, let me know if you are interested in joining up. It’s like MySpace but less cluttered and less crazy unreadable profiles.

Can a man drown in the fountain of eternal life?

Wednesday is upon us… halfway to the weekend, well at noon anyway.

We’re going to my friend James’ wedding this weekend in French Lick, Indiana then driving to Edinburgh to stay the night and go to the outlet mall there on Sunday. Kind of a mini-vacation, we’ve been working on the house nearly every weekend so this will be a good break.

I’m seeing weather reports that are saying that Spring is on the way and that warmer weather is coming soon. In the meantime (was 5 here yesterday with windchill), here’s some helpful information on saving someone that has fallen through some ice.

Speaking of weather, check out some cool improvements to

Bargain alert: $100 for a 400gb Hard drive

I want to see this movie: