No Wednesday post…

Sorry to disappoint (HA).. but I most likely will not be making a post tomorrow. I’m taking the day off of work to hang out with Carson (he’s on Spring Break from Daycare) and I will most likely be no where near a computer. So this Tuesday, late evening edition, will have to hold you over until Thursday.

So Windows Server 2003 released Service Pack 2… As always, install this on a test server first and test it before putting it on your production servers.

So the US Government is going to give out coupons to people to help with the adoption of HDTV… that’s ok I guess, as long as they actually do the switch. Hasn’t it already been pushed back twice? Not that I’m overly excited at the possibility of them spending 1.5 billion dollars to help make sure everyone can receive TV signals but if they can verify the people they are giving the money to are paying taxes I have no problem.

I took a couple pictures today on the way home from work…
Here’s the Colt’s complex

Here’s a close up of the banner

Here’s Eagle Creek Reservoir (with the dam in the distance)

There’s a few more of each of those types of pictures in the album there. Hope you all have a good Wednesday.

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