So, I’ve never had a blog…

and maybe that was a good thing. I am here now though, so you’re screwed.

Great link if you are running Windows Vista:

The saga continues with Dell Financial… I’m not sure how they can continually do things incorrectly but they never fail to surprise me.

What else, Carson had dentist and doctor appointments… all checked out for him, which is nice. He is in the 50th percentile for height and weight, so despite him appearing to be smaller than everyone, he’s the normal one. Note to self, stop hanging around with people with HUGE children. 😉 hehe

hmm… running out of ammo, ooh check this out:
4gb flash drive for less than $70, word.

Quick product review: Gmail for your mobile device (the app not the webpage) –
It rocks… little buggy on my OLD Blackberry (plus it’s version 1.00), but overall it’s awesome. So much faster than using the web browser and it looks a ton better.


*edit: oh yea, almost forgot… here’s the link to Carson’s Halloween fun.

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