Class today

Today I’m sitting in on a co-worker’s class on Group Policy Objects. I made that sentence a link to a wikipedia article, in case you were wondering what it was. After reading the article myself it seemed boring, but it’s not and I’m super psyched to be in the class. Since I’ll be in this class I may not update this much today but I’ll try to put some stuff in here that might pop into my head.

More later.

Quick note on the “This day in history” tip… GODZILLA! was released this day in 1954 in Tokyo. If you ever listen to The Bob and Tom morning show, you will chuckle knowing this fact. I know I did.

WHOA! Louisville beat West Virginia 44-34. I thought it would be a close game but that WV would come out on top, after reading Pat Forde’s story on it looks like Louisville shocked more than just me. This is why I like College Football so much, the stories, the drama, the “intangibles” (*does the Brett hand motion*), and home team being able to perform ungodly feats thanks to their fans. Pro football is fun but it lacks the heart and drama of the College scene.

K.. back to class. ๐Ÿ˜‰

LUNCH BREAK!! Ok, so I was talking with someone about Google’s income so far this year and it being in the billions. I FOUND THE LINK! Yes, revenue of $2.69 BILLION for the 3rd quarter. If you love Google as much as I do (which I’m hardly certain is possible), then you’ll find Download Squad’s coverage of Google very entertaining. One link I got from the Googleholic category that I found more scary than entertaining was The Church of Google. I mean wow, freak alert. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Alright folks, back to class… let’s hope I don’t get the normal post lunch coma.

Coma averted… whew.

Helpful links from class:
GPO Guy site
Customizing Windows Security Templates
Advanced Installer

Good class overall, I learned some quality stuff.. that I will spare all of you from. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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