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Aging eyeballs or stylish vision enhancement?

I had an eye exam a week or so ago… turns out it’s possible glasses could make some of my headaches go away (long days at the computer).   After checking out the cost (I have vision coverage because Jenni and Carson need glasses), I decided that it was worth a shot.
Here’s a pic of me right after I got them:
Me and my newest accessory. Glasses.  on Twitpic

I’m on Day 2 now.  I’ve found I don’t like driving with them on as I feel like I’m wearing blinders.  I do like how my monitors look through them.  I’m making a conscious effort to wearing them as much as possible.  I got very light frames so they would be comfortable.  Time will tell.

One more topic I wanted to cover today was the SEVERE lack of photo updates… our South Carolina trip this past summer has been stuck at the front of my log jam of photo updates.  To guarantee I do those I’ve vowed not to let other things line jump… now, a few things have slipped through but I’m going to stick to my guns as best I can.  Those are about 98% done, I just need to carve out about an hour to finish and send the huge set up to the photo site.  Once they are done, I’ll try to write a blog post up about our whole trip.  Also, when those are up.. expect a flood of other photo updates following it.  I hope to be up to date before Spring.