Miss me?

It’s been awhile since I’ve had a real blog post… so you’ll have to excuse the following flood of links I’ve been collecting (and receiving from Mr. Haffey).

We’ll start off with the news of the cool:
I was never into model cars much, but this one is REALLY cool.
Have you seen this picture of an iPod that saved a soldiers life? Technology is your friend people, EMBRACE IT (and make a nice layer of things to stop bullets)
Rich guys get all the chicks, I have photographic proof.
Have a rampant Vampire problem where you live? Never fear, there is a solution.
Sony released a new series of displays that are ultra thin, way cool.
The Red Cross has been using a new mobile billboard in a few different places, the images are just breathtaking (scary and cool).
Remember what 5mb Hard Drives looked like in 1956? Me neither, now we both know… crazy.

Quick dip into the serious news, Chinese government restricts those under 18 to 3 hours of online gaming a day. It’ll be interesting to see what effect this will have and how they will enforce it.

Alright, back to the funneh.
WTF indeed. Funny and scary pics of things geeks do, right here.
Need a friend for you desk? Get a bike riding mouse.
Know an office worker that needs a special award for their special abilities? Here you go.
Your favorite “unfortunate” domain names… sometimes you have to read them twice to get the funneh.
Be careful when you buy things to make sure the price you thought you were paying is the price you actually pay, or this could happen. LOL
Top Firefox plugins… to have and NOT to have. A good read, although they do contradict themselves at times.
Leave it to those who over analyze to bring about the existence of this web page… poor Santa.

Ok, here are a few web games/quizs that I messed around with a bit this past week.
Are you smarter than a fifth grader? Not the TV show, it’s a quiz. I got a 75%.
Here’s a cool block building game, remember you have to think in 3d.
This link labels itself “The Top Five Most Addictive Games”.. so click here with care (and free time).

We’ll round out this massive post with two videos;
First, have you wanted to get into the newest season of The Sopranos but felt you’ve missed to much to really understand what’s happening? Well, your prayers have been answered because a seven minute refresher of everything so far is here. Adult situations, violence, and language await you on the other side of the link. If you can handle those, it is a good watch.

Lastly, Alanis Morissette recently did a parody of “My Humps” by Fergi (Black Eyed Peas).

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