Sunday fun!

Had our swimming class on Saturday and it was good fun, while Carson and I were there Jenni painted in our room a bit… I’ll get a picture of that and put it up this week sometime. Finished off the day with dinner at Olive Garden, Carson was excited to see Nanny and Poppy… mmmm, breadsticks.

Sunday came and we decided to go hang out at the Children’s Museum for a bit before doing our taxes.. heh. Carson had a blast, just like he always does. The traveling exhibit this month is Clifford… Carson gave that big ole dog a hug.

From Sunday Fun

He also had a lot of fun with the diner they have set up, he was slingin’ lobsters and bananas… mmhmmmmm!

From Sunday Fun

Click around over there to see all the fun stuff we did.. if you go to the Videos album there’s a new one of him at the bottom dancing with the dogs on the big screen there. Here’s a link to that album.

Special note to H & B, we love you both and are thinking about you a lot.

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