Blog Update

I’m using FeedBurner now on my blog to help with adding options for people to subscribe to my blog. There’s a new section at the bottom of the right hand column called “Subscribe now”… clicking the first link will allow you to choose from several different options of subscribing, the second link is for those that are running the customized Google page (adds my feed as an element), the third link takes you to a form to subscribe via email, and the last is just a link to the FeedBurner site. If you have a blog they offer a lot of handy tools to make your life easier. One of the handy tools is broad statistics, so you can see how many hits you get, etc.

Please subscribe if you find it hard to remember to visit here sometimes, subscribing will deliver my updates to you when I make them. Ok, I’m gonna make a new post about regular stuff and leave this one as just the blog update.

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