Vista launches, Woot-Off in progress

Yes, your dreams have come true… there is a Woot-Off today. Go get some goodies on the cheap.

Microsoft’s commercial launch of Windows Vista is today… Win yourself a copy of the Ultimate edition here. I’ve been using the Enterprise version for a few months and it’s pretty nice if you have the hardware to take advantage of you. Looks like Yahoo’s widgets will play nice as well.

Might put up some more later, as news releases roll in.

HAHA… an automated parking garage. I’m still holding out from my jetpack. See following video for reference.
Bill Gates on the Daily Show…

In case I haven’t mentioned it, I am in the Alpha of Trillian Astra. I joined in at build 26 and we are now at build 28. I’m really liking the direction they are going and the second build is a lot more stable and had new features added. I have been dabbling in beta testing a lot lately and it’s been really fun. Here’s a shot of my desktop with Trillian running and 4 chat containers with 9 chat buddies in them.

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Last link of the day… Engadget does a round-up of the Vista reviews.

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