Soooo, Wednesday eh? Well, I don’t have much today so let’s get started.

Microsoft released their first commercial for Windows Vista… I’m going to have to agree with the review, it is pretty boring. ho hum.

Carson and I got haircuts last night… I tend to take Carson to CookieCutters here because they have a slide, let kids watch a show while getting buzzed, and they let them sit on neat ride-on vehicles instead of normal barber chairs. Like this:

From Carson Candids

If you click on the album for that photo, you’ll see I added a new album there called Carson Candids… I’ll drop random photos of Carson in there from time to time that I really like.

This is a great tip for most everyone that has some amount of computing going on at home… How to improve your WiFi reception.

Ooooh! Halo 3 TV commercial looks very cool…

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