Wacky weather..

From super warm and nice on Monday to snow and cold for tomorrow… Indiana and Nebraska share similar weather patterns.

Football news!
Pro – Ricky Proehl (WR) joins the Colts. This will be a great addition as they haven’t been running their normal 3 wide set since Stokely (WR) has been injured. With Dallas Clark (TE) getting hurt it puts some additional strain on their depth in the three wide set… Clark often would line up as the third wide receiver.

College – The Big 12 championship game to produce two bowl teams. The winner is to go to the BCS game at the Fiesta Bowl and the loser is to go to the Cotton Bowl. Not a bad deal at all for the Big 12, as a few other teams are expected to get bowl invites as well.

So Stephen Colbert is having (or had) a “Green Screen Challenge”… some very funny results on his site.

Maybe some more later…

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