Tired but excited…

So I stayed up for the entire Colts-Pats game, as seen by my last entry early this morning. Which means I’m tired, but I’m excited for this week to begin because on Friday Brett & Heather will be driving in to visit us. Going to be a fun weekend, we’re going to go watch the Colts play the Bills among other things.

I picked up a new phrase today from Penny Arcade, pray I do not point it at you. LOL!

Verrrrrry tempting purchase, I fear I might go broke though.

Here’s a really good breakdown of the Colts-Pats game.

Trying to decide on a color scheme for a room? for a website? for a newsletter? Color Palette Generator to the rescue! It’s pretty neat, I messed with it for a solid 15 minutes.

Carson got his class photos back.. THEY ARE AWESOME!!

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