It’s a woot-off people!

If you’ve never been to, today is a good day to go. They are having a “woot-off”… which means they will continually have an offer up all day. Normally (as their logo states) they offer “one day, one deal”, basically a decent deal on some random product each day. The product will be available for as much stock as they have. Sometimes things get sold out before 8am, but when they have these woot-offs there’s something all day long and it’s different stuff.

Gonna have other pics from Heather and Brett’s visit up today.

For Heather, Bill Polian owns the Colts.

Pics from H&B’s visit! This one is the best.

From Heather and B…

One thought on “It’s a woot-off people!

  1. Peter

    Woot-off! I love those things… You may want to check out as well as they have a daily deal on gadgets, video games, board games, etc. Also, they have daily puzzles that are very addicting.

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