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More catching up!

Ok, so the last post got us up to the end of August. This one should get us current.

First up would be our trip to Negley to visit some of Jenni’s family… it’s always a great time.

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Then Jenni had a birthday:

and Sam had icing on his face:

Next, Sam passed out with the remote:

Then we went to Anderson Apple Orchard with our neighbors… was such a great day!

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Finally, taking us up to the present… I got some pictures of the boys goofing around.

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Tons of catching up

So I’m only like a month behind on posting pictures on here! There’s been a lot going on, so you’ll have to forgive me. As always I have have been uploading regularly, so if you watch the photo site you might get a peek before I post stuff here (if I get backed up again).

We’ll start with our last swim of the year, August 16th. Jada joined in the fun at Mom and Dad’s house. The end of the series features Sam in a baby girl’s bonnet, haha.

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Next up would be Carson starting the First Grade!! His little brother was so proud of him. (And Carson is doing really well in school thus far!)

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Our next stop is the Zoo, in late August. My parents joined us for a very mild day of wondering around the Indianapolis Zoo.

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And this brings us to the last week in August… Sam had his surgery and everything went really well. Here’s a gallery (with no flash player):

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The first few days of his recovery, his Grandma and PaPa were in town… both he and Carson really loved seeing them.

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That’s it for now, there’s a couple more from September to put up… but I’ll do it another day.

Friday Off

We had Friday off for the Holiday weekend and we decided to have a great family day. We started off by doing a couple of clean-up projects (while the kids decided to play in their tent city). After that we went in to downtown Indianapolis to check out the City Market… unfortunately for us, they were closed for the holiday weekend. We didn’t let that get us down and we went for a very nice walk around the heart of downtown stopping to see the Circle Monument and the Capitol Building… we ended up at a BBQ just off the Circle and had a great lunch. We then walked around a bit more to see Conseco Fieldhouse and the site of what used to be Market Square Arena (Elvis’ last concert was held there). We wrapped up the day with Card Night at the Mahoney’s, JB made us an amazing dinner and a great time was had by all.

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