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Orange you glad I finally made a new post?

That’s right folks, I’m back… been swamped lately so there hasn’t been much time for posting. Here’s something we were doing:

From Orange Bathroom

From Orange Bathroom

Now you get the title, hah. It still needs some accessories for the walls but I think it is a really neat color and we had a lot of fun putting it up. I wish I had a more wide-angle lens on my camera because depending on the angle it looks brighter/darker in the photos. The actual color is somewhere in between. heh

I’m going to try to get back into a regular schedule of posting again soon.. see you all later.

Big Ten embarassment

Wow, just wow…. Kudos to Florida for playing a flawless game though.

Patch Tuesday has landed, so the rest of this will be brief BUT there are a few things to note that are awesometacular (yes, I just made up that word).

AppleTV – for $299 you get a crapload of AWESOME features that brings the content from your computer over to your TV. I’m really pondering getting one of these.

iPhone lives – it’s real, it’s spectacular, I want one VERY BADLY, and it will break the bank ($599)… but in their defense, there is NOTHING on the market that even comes close to touching this thing.

Ok, so back to patching and stuff.

…and we’re back!

Had some catching up to do with the house and work… so now that I’m pretty close to being caught up I figured I better put an update here.

While in Nebraska we went to Heather’s 30th birthday party, it was really fun seeing our friends and hanging out again!

From Heather's Bir…

New Year’s Eve was quiet for us, as more than half of the house was some kind of sick. We just stayed in and watched movies (and football). Which turned out ok given the 4+ inches of snow that got dumped, making going out less appealing anyway. Carson and I made time for a snow fight (since we haven’t really had any accumulated snowfall in Indiana).

From New Year's Fun

New Years Day was a great time for Carson to visit with all his friends in Nebraska. He really missed Jimmy and Bre and Logan (and baby Kilee too!).

From New Year's Fun
From New Year's Fun

Cool little tool for fixing “stuck” pixels on LCDs!

HumpDay upon us!

I have a work gathering today in Bloomington, so I’m making this entry short and sweet…. well, ok it’s going to be short.

Still tired from last night, but none of the patches I put on required a reboot which was really nice. So let’s get to the meat of our HumpDay programming.


How to drive a car in winter weather!
Great tip for all.

Ok, time for me to head out to Bloomington.. so I’ll leave you with this very curious USB device:

Monday/Tuesday got by me

So it’s 1am and I’m done patching my servers and workstations… if you know what that means and you haven’t checked your machines for updates, do it now. If you don’t know what that means, nod and pretend you know what I mean. (Patch Tuesday)

Sunday Carson went to a birthday party for his friends Katie and Maddie’s birthday party (Their dad and mom I went to High School with, Charlie and Lauri). He had a really great time and there were tons of kids PLUS there was a clown (no, not Charlie).

From December 11th…

Oh, in that album is us making a GingerBread house with Carson after the Birthday party.. it was all fun and games until someone crammed their face in the icing.

So, let’s skip the topic of the Colt’s… I’m still mad about that thing some people called a game. ugh

Have you guys seen this search site? Talk about searching with attitude… I had a few chuckles but will stick with my google.

Dude!!! I TOTALLY WANT ONE OF THESE TABLES!!! Man that’s cool.

It’s late, I’m going to bed.. but first an important warning review for those lucky enough to get a Wii. Warning offensive language inside, click play with caution:


So my normal 25-35 minute commute turned into a 2 hour slow crawl of patience testing, brake stomping fun. Between the overly careful drivers and those drivers with no regard to other human life, it was quite the epic drive.

Pretty decent deal on a laptop over at SlickDeals… I would probably upgrade the video card and then price out upgrading the RAM to 2gb but otherwise looks like a decent offer.

I feel like this sometimes… heh

Like helping charities? Need some Mac Software? Let’s combine those attributes into this wonderful idea.


That’s all for now, possibly more later.

Tired Tuesday

meh… I did get the pictures from this weekend uploaded though! Carson went to his cousin’s cousin’s birthday… yes, that’s right, my brother-in-law’s sister’s son. It’s much more simple to explain if you could see the white-board I’m pointing at. At any rate, he had a lot of fun and really enjoyed seeing Elmo. Happy Birthday Colin and thank you to Jill and Doug for a fun party.

From Colin Birthday

So yea, if you like Olive Stone movies and don’t have many in your collection here’s a way to bump your collection way up without spending a bunch of money.

More later? Perhaps.

GMail mystery solved!! So that’s where they get it.

A holiday classic internet video as remade by Family Guy:

Hump day strikes again!

Been busy the last two days, but wanted to drop a blog entry for today despite that.

Looks like Vanderjagt is out of a job… Him missing the field goals against Indy was probably the best part of that game. heh

Good Deal Alert!
Fry’s has some good hard drive deals that are worth a look. Click here to hop there.


Today’s tip: “How to make balloon animals” Oh yea, very cool. At the bottom of the article are links to a couple different sites, the one that says something about videos is a crazy watch.

Here is a hilarious commercial…

So yea, get a laptop.

And… We’re back!

Got in before 9pm last night from Ohio… had a great trip. Colts stepped up and had a nice solid win, even if it was against a McNabb-free Eagles. Have a big meeting today so I will be a bit busy… but I did get the trip pictures up on PicasaWeb.


From Thanksgiving …

Hope everyone had a great holiday.


Ok, so it’s 3:39pm and I’m just now putting a blog post up… should speak to how busy I am today. heh

We have Windows Vista and Office 2007 on hand, so trying to sort through that… scrambling to write documentation and notify people of it’s availability. I’ve also started testing MS Forefront Client Security, which is the corporate version of Windows Defender with some extra stuff. All of that AND the phone has been ringing off the hook here today.

We had our Thanksgiving Luncheon at work and man, there was a ton of food. I brought one of 12 supplied pumpkin pies.

To make up for the lack of links and actual interesting content, here is a video to take you worries away: