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Sam’s First Year Video

I try to make a video for each kid on/around their birthday to show the last year in pictures and video. I try to set it to either some music they like or something matching the pictures. Sam’s first almost got by me without a video.. but I got it done before the birthday party. I put it on DVD and ripped it back to Google Video for everyone to get to see it.

Sam’s First Birthday

Sam turned ONE today… I took off work to spend the day with him. We went to a few indoor parks and strolled around the mall (Sam loves people watching). After a really good nap we got some portraits done to surprise Jenni.

We had my parents and sister over (with the boys) and our neighbor’s even stopped by for some presents and cupcakes!

Birthday Weekend Extravanganza

WOW! What a weekend… today my back hurts like I lifted weights all weekend, I feel like I haven’t slept in a week, and right elbow won’t stop clicking. I guess if I were 5 years old, it would be no big deal and I would be begging for more.

Like this guy:

Here’s the slideshow…

Wouldn’t hurt to go check out the album though, there are 4-5 videos in there that Picasa won’t let me embed here that are really good.
Here’s the album link:

5yr Birthday Celebration Weekend